When you're too lazy to write motherfucking or want to sound more ghetto.
"She was too muhfuckin' lazy, didn't do shit. So I shoved her ass off the couch and made her do shit."
by AwkwardPersonThing October 21, 2014
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When you bullshit so much about being sick to stay home from work that you actually get sick.
Buddy didn't want to work that day, so he faked the flu. Guess who has the flu now? That's muhfuckin' karma right thur, mah dood. Pass the Chex Mix.
by Sirbombalot October 4, 2010
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hilltop/hillside slang.

used when taking things
to the extreme or
"shorty got them muhfuckin god damnit melissas on"
by nizz September 15, 2004
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wat da hell derrick is gon get next time he say some crazy shit 2 me
Derrick: imma fuck yu up

Me: Shut yo bitch ass up b4 yu get stomped in da muhfuckin ground

Derrick: who da fuck yu snappin on?

Me: *stomps da fuck outta him* Now ya bitch ass is in da ground. Yu better hope somebody loves yu enough 2 come dig yo stupid ass out
by *Noona*{{WSP}} June 1, 2009
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A muhfuckin bebe is someone who is the best person ever. This phrase is usually screamed.
Random: “Rj is my MUHFUCKIN BEBE!”
Me: “Wow rj must be the best”
by earlsbooty March 4, 2019
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