Any game you are more likely to lose than win, no matter how sweet the odds or how much it LOOKS like you'll win.
"Hey man, I'm gonna go play poker with Scott. You in?"
"Hell no, that's a mug's game. Scott's a professional magician, are you stupid? He'll rob you blind."
"Alright man, your loss. I like my chances."
by Fresnel February 9, 2010
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a fool's game... a game of chance ... a random guess
Investors might discover in the weeks ahead that calling a bottom in the housing downturn is a mug's game.
Wall Street Journal Justin Lahart wrote this sentence
by Jill M. Landsman January 9, 2007
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The Act of being a Mug by doing something stupid.
Stranger 1: Oi Johnson have u heard about that guy who went university but ended up on a building site 40k in debt, what a mug.
Stranger 2: Yeah Joel i have, university is a mugs game, lets go to the pub and headbutt a child.
by Johnsonthebigman January 31, 2021
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Gaming Mugs are the definition of high end Gaming, if you don't have a Gaming Mug you aren't a true Gamer. Press F to pay respects to all the Gamers without Gaming Mugs.
Joe Bama: Micheale, where is my gaming mug?
Micheale Bama: I don't know.
Joe Bama: God damn it woman, get me my gaming mug.
Micheale Bama: I refuse.
Joe Bama: Come here girl imma beat yo ass.
Micheale Bama: I want a divorce.
Joe Bama: You can't get a divorce, this is amaraca.
by Big Chungus Gaming November 12, 2021
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