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A concept similar to hammerspace, though hammerspace is specific to cartoons. In a game, when an inventory item is stored seemingly nowhere, it is said to be put in a "magic satchel." A magic satchel can conform to any size, from a small pill to a large building.
"Dude, where the fuck did Master Chief just put his rocket launcher?"
"It's in his magic satchel, duh."
by Fresnel November 9, 2007
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In skateboarding, to lose control of the board and crush one's testicles on a rail, bar, lip, or other similar surface.
Tony tried to grind down the handrail at school, but instead he just managed to screw the pooch.
by Fresnel February 25, 2009
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EFG stands for Epic Fail Guy. He is a meme on the website 4chan. He is usually represented as a stick figure wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, and never does anything right. Combo? Fail. Meme? Fail. Comment? Joke? All fail. He can't even shoop a decent whoop.
anonymous: fail.
by Fresnel August 23, 2007
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Any game you are more likely to lose than win, no matter how sweet the odds or how much it LOOKS like you'll win.
"Hey man, I'm gonna go play poker with Scott. You in?"
"Hell no, that's a mug's game. Scott's a professional magician, are you stupid? He'll rob you blind."
"Alright man, your loss. I like my chances."
by Fresnel February 9, 2010
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The most awesome video game critic to ever grace this existence, whose real name is Ben Croshaw. He managed to do all of two freelance reviews before he was quickly snatched up by The Escapist, where he now does weekly reviews in his own section, Zero Punctuation. This fast-talking, humor-filled critic with a British accent rambles on for three or four minutes almost without pause, illustrating his thoughts with a simple, yet amusing style of animation, and the kinds of offhand cracks that will have you falling out of your chair. If you've never heard of him, you should go and see Zero Punctuation.
Dude, did you see Yahtzee's review of Guitar Hero 3?
Yeah man, I almost pissed myself!
by Fresnel January 29, 2008
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