When you go down on a girl who is unshaven and you cannot breath due to pubic hairs up your nose.
Her bush need to be trimmed. While I was going down town the bitch almost mufficated me!
by Dill-pickle October 21, 2008
Death (asphyxiation) by cunnilingus. Past tense: mufficated
Cause of death: muffication
The 23-tear-old male was found mufficated in his bedroom.
by Levee July 24, 2003
To suffocate someone/something with female genitalier by covereing the nose and mouth.


used as an insult :
'watch it mate or ill mufficate you!'

perverts dream (davo):
'I wanna die by muffication'

a put down :
'Your not worthy of me, only of being mufficated'
by ShotgunDave June 17, 2007
To be suffocated by breast
I almost suffered from muffication by my girlfriend
by Pubic-alien July 16, 2018
When my girlfriend sets on my face so long I m gasping for air but its a great thing
I really enjoy a Muffication
by Lezbyfriends August 16, 2021