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Muffcup is a beer related game shrouded in mystery. The origins are traced back to an unknown town on Long Island. The game involves a single red solo cup, group of people, and a ping pong ball. The group sits around the cup in the center of a table. The object of the game is to bounce the ball off the table into the cup. If the player successfully bounces the ball into the beer filled cup he selects a person to drink it. The game then continues to the next person in the group. There are 2 rules of the utmost importance. NEVER touch the cup before saying "Muffcup", failure to comply with this rule results in an additional cup of beer to chug. The second rule is if the ball bounces off the Rim and doesn't go in another player can yell, "Rimjob!". After yelling rimjob the player who threw the ball gets another shot to either sink it or miss it. If he misses he drinks if he makes it the player who yelled rimjob has to drink. This game is not for amateurs it must be taken seriously.
Mike: "Hey Joey what was that sick game we played last weekend?"
Joey: "Boy that was Muffcup the greatest game ever invented".
by Muffcup Defender July 04, 2016
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a word that you call someone who is being a moron or you just dont like its simply just a insult.
by rooksy89 October 14, 2010
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1. when a cupcake does not have any frosting, sprinkles, or other cute additions.
"Do you want this chocolate cupcake?"

"but it doesn't have any frosting! its a muffin without frosting!"

"no way, muffins are bigger and less sweet and they have fruit and nuts and stuff!"

"fine, i guess we will just settle and call it a muff cup."
by February 05, 2010
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