1. A clever ploy to sell hamster food to human beings. Eaten raw (ie dry - see the Bridget Jones movie), with yoghurt or similar fermented dairy product or milk.
2. Ghetto Muesli - whatever can be swept off the floor with any milk/dairy substitute (white paint, soap water etc).
1. "Hungry and broke, Tom swept the floor under his hamster's cage and used the dust and dirt to make his muesli with sour milk he found in a thrash bin near a subway station. The explosive diarrhea he got afterwards was but 'nother brick to the thick wall of his ineptness, misachievements and misery." Tom Gorecki "The sadness of mice-men and other short stories", Koeslin, 2007

- Ay-yo, gimme sum'o'that ghetto muesli wit dem acrylic paint nigguh.
- Hook da nigguh to dat chronic! Go'n'get it yo'self, nigguh.
- Nigga pleeeez.
by Tom Gore October 9, 2007
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When you eat it, it sends you in a deep plunging sadness
My dad ate this muesli and is now depressed.
by Kneep knoughp January 22, 2022
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adj. One who pursues the outdoors with unnecessary zeal.
* "Did you hear the cry of that rare native bird?"

"No, out of my way muesli muncher"

* "I need my $700 boots, walking poles, gaiters and goretex before I even think of walking up that hill."

"Hmm. You're a fucking muesli muncher"

* "Dude, nice polypropylene leggings. I didn't know you were a muesli muncher"

* "Muesli muncher!"
by muwava August 22, 2011
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A verb to describe anything, normally sexual, but normally Cunnilingus.
Friend 1: "Did you pull anyone last night?"
Friend 2: "Yeah, brought her back and swug her muesli."

Friend 1: "Did you swig her mues last night?"
Friend 2: "Her mues was well and truly swug."

"I love Swigging Muesli"
by bucket man February 23, 2014
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see "muesli"
a food composed of various grain, crumbs or other dirt, dust or tidbits found on the floor or behind or under cupboards, drawers etc
by Tom Gore October 9, 2007
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1. To middle class suburban England what The Bible Belt is to the American Mid-West.

2. White Middle-Class Ghetto.

3. Geographical region where Muesli is the predominant breakfast staple.
James has got himself a peachy job teaching in a Muesli Belt school in Surrey. He's probably the first black dude the kids have ever spoken to.
by Timmy_Knowledge August 14, 2008
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