1. A term describing people with a poop fetish
2. Those wankers from L4D2 that crawl around in the swamp levels.
3. A racist slang term for black people(rare).
"I'm going to hang out with Emily and Dave tonight, wanna come? No way dude, Emily and Dave are mud people."
"Son, you know that I don't want you hanging around them mud people."
by armageddon ham March 26, 2020
Persons at events of all kind most notedly Woodstock, other folk or Pagen events who find mud. now matter how dry the area is to cover themselves with.

These people, first noted in the literature after suddenly appearing at the original Woodstock music festival 25 years ago in 1969, are unique in all the world’s societies in that there appears to be absolutely no racial or ethnic basis for the origin of their society. The individual Mud People from many different ethnic backgrounds share a culture based solely on an affinity for mud. They are immediately visually recognizable by their unusual practice of covering themselves in mud literally from head to toe, their eyes generally being the only area of their body not coated with mud. they are often skyclad
Jon: i went to Woodstock in 1994 you should have seen all the mud people.

Sue: really what were they like?

Jon: covered head to toe in mud, not all were wearing clothes
by Da Levian February 12, 2010