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Intelligent but lazy. Struggles to find the energy to reach his potential. But has strongly ethical character.
Muaaz didn't do his homework. Again
by super sexy beast 69 May 09, 2018
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The biggest idiot. Actually Muaaz defines stupidity. The biggest bastard on the planet.
You are the biggest muaaz on earth. You stupid!!
by Unknow friend May 22, 2017
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That chill guy that's on famous birthdays but doesn't recognize himself as famous.... He is so chill and well balanced, he's always looking out for everyone in all types of situations, he's also that type of guy that turns a 60 minute video into a 13 minute one which is pretty insane, as of today he attends to a college with a part-time job as a helpful YouTubers that actually gives plain facts and being one of the most interactive and successful YouTubers once he gets into YouTube full time he'll be making it into the gold play button, this guy created the most constructive and well treated community known to my brain.
I mean on the other side of chill he can get pretty hyper (well for how chill he is) but his little bit of hyperness fuels him with success.
And when he gets his mind set on things it's a "go go" and he won't sleep until it's done.
by Jaxs#7124 March 05, 2019
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An A-Class P*** Who Has A massive Ass And Dick
An Idiotic Muaaz
by DemonD002 February 06, 2019
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A person who enjoys destruction. He has a knack for fitting things under his jacket. Can make things blow up easily.
I need a mu'aaz for this building
by Mkzil March 10, 2018
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