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A community in Pittsburgh, PA featuring a mass of preppy kids going to school separated from the real world. The average Mt. Lebanon student can be found sporting a North Face backpack, North Face fleece (black for the popular kids), and a ralph lauren polo. Also referred to as "The Bubble" or "Lebo."
Mt. Lebanon is a great place to raise kids, but keeps them isolated from anything in the real world
by big dr. zebbers April 05, 2006
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Mt. Lebanon is probably one of the most stereotyped suburbs in the South Hills area located in Pittsburgh, PA. Yes, you will meet some snotty brats who had their lives given to them when they were born at the bank- but you'll also most likely meet your best friends that'll make you wonder how you lived without them. It's a legend that if you do not own a Vera Bradley bag (girls), a black North Face fleece Denali jacket, something from Abercrombie or Hollister, or Ugg boots that you tuck your skinny jeans into- you will not survive. Clearly, these people who started this legend have been to Mt. Lebanon, but not actually lived there. There are people out there who continue to shop at Hot Topic despite the peer pressure to own the items listed above... So honestly, you can be whoever you want in 'Lebo'... you just have to ignore the jealous hicks who call us spoiled.
Mineo's Pizza on Washington Road on a Friday Night...
"Yins all look identical!"
"It's cause we're from Mt. Lebanon!"
"That's not a good excuse though!"

^my point, exactly... don't blame it on the bubble^
by Sea Kitten♥ February 22, 2009
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A Small-Medium suburb in Pittsburgh, commonly known to have many spoiled/preppy kids. Some kids are quite isolated but some also are some of the most knowledgable kids you will find in a high school. Refered to as the "Bubble", or "Lebo". Also, many kids like to think they are knowledgeable and are going to "break the bubble" but are actually showing what people mean when they call it the bubble.
Overall, Mt. Lebanon is a fine place to grow up if you have the right friends/parents but some kids could defintaly mature.
by lordbirdy January 21, 2007
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Everyone thinks its great but its just full of a bunch of mundane losers. Everyone thinks they have reached the "top of the mountain" by living in "such a great suburb". Yeah Right. If you raise kids there they will be counting down the days until they move out. At least thats what i am doing.
Kid in Mt.Lebanon: Ok only 1825 days until I can get out of this suburb.
by cooliorific November 29, 2006
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A middle class suburb of Pittsburgh whose residents are known for their capacity at self-parody and good humored Repoublicanism. While not as wealthy as adjacent Upper St. Clair nor old money Fox Chapel in the Pittsburgh north hills, Mt. Lebanon has established itself as a destination suburb for happy white people seeking to educate their children in a way that will allow them to later rebel against the values they'll later adopt for themselves. The community attracts a large number of attorneys, persons working in the print and broadcast media, doctors, accountants and, on the occasions that realtors don't get the message, the stray chiropractor slips in.
"I say, old fellow, where do you live?"
"By jove, I live in Mt. Lebanon. Jolly little town, don't you know."
"Well, come here and allow me to slap you with this pig's bladder filled with wine."
"Fair enough. I am from Mt. Lebanon and deserve it."
by Rhombus Caligula April 13, 2008
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A "walking community" of suburban Pittsburgh, it is known for its MRCA outbreak from 2005-07. This township is hated by the vast majority of surrounding areas. Unlike Upper Saint Clair, they are not known for academic and athletic acheivements. Known as the Blue Devils, they get their asses handed to them in all sports, except basketball (they are coached by Joey David, who in fact lives in USC!!! figures...). Back to the walking part, they have 7 buses, 6 for athletic events, and one is a short bus....yeah.
USC: 27 Mt. Lebanon: 14

Again......we win.
by Bift Shift Key January 28, 2009
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Mt. Lebanon is a wannabe Upper St. Clair. (Just like the rest of the world) Mt. Lebanon is filled with look a likes and strive to be excatly like USC, but fail to do so. Maybe it is because they aren't as smart as USC, or either skanky slut girls that all are obese and have acne, their stereoid taking boys that act black, or their dirt poor community that cannot afford buses. Which is not a bad thing because they all need to lose weight any way. Mt. Lebanon has nothing on Upper St. Clair... but they think they do.
Mt. Lebanon boy= Yo bro where ya from

USC classy boy= I am from Upper St. Clair
Mt. Lebanon boy= Mann u guys gots it made fo real
USC classy boy= Yes we do.
by USC CLASSY girl May 27, 2009
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