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Mr. Bucket is a children's game featuring a plastic, motorized bucket which spat out differently colored balls. Occasionally the bucket comes alive and tries to suck someone's balls. The best method is to drown it as seen in the movie by James Rofle.
B: Hey, I'm Mr. Bucket
J: Oh, no no no.
B: It's OK. I don't wanna hurt you. I just wanna suck on your balls.
J: I turned you off.
B: No, you turned me on.

Anywhere where there's Mr. Bucket, nobody is safe.
by agent_J July 01, 2010
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verb, The act of putting ones balls in another's mouth. The victim may be conscious or unconscious. (It is a reference to the children's game "Mr. Bucket", which consisted of multiple children finding and picking up colored balls and placing them into the head of a moving talking bucket and he would spit them out for the kids to pick up once more.) also see teabagging
"Hey you better not sleep, because I'm going to Mr. Bucket you tonight, biatch!"

"Say hello to my little friend, Mr. Bucket..."
by JFerg November 06, 2007
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1. one who has balls pop from their mouth.
2. empty headed person whos mouth is always full of balls
Lacey is just like Mr Bucket, balls are always popping out of her mouth.
by Greggh September 21, 2006
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