Prince of Persia
Prince of Persia 2 - The shadow and the flame
Prince of Persia 3D

PoP - The Sands of Time
PoP-II - Warriors soul
by ^Sparco^ March 6, 2005
also usable as a verb, when used as such often shortened to PoP or Prince, usually to describe some sort of amazing acrobatic that was accomplished or failed
Man, I just totally PoP'ed that wall

Oh Hell, I shouldn't of tried to Prince of persia that rope, I nearly killed myself!
by Vincent Vaal January 5, 2008
Prince of Persia is a character from the video game who travels far and wide to restore peace with his talent, courage, love and passion.

The character is said to be based on a Prince who once lived in Persia, now known as Iran and his family still exists today. The current Prince is a great leader of his people and is well known amongst his people. He spends his days looking after the community and imparts his knowledge to others via his gift of speech, and heals through his magic touch, a special gift which has been passed down through the generations. An extremely intelligent Prince and is always on the quest to learn more about life and the mysteries of the world. He also is known to have learnt several musical instruments which he finds internal peace but also plays them lovingly for his loved ones. He is an individual with a great personality and is always very humble about his Princedom. He is known to be one of the most charming, loving and funny people in his land and all people go to him because of his beautiful and kind nature. A very lovable Prince indeed and his gift of love doesn't go unnoticed. The prince is the source of love and strength for his loved ones and without him, life would be an empty abyss. It is said that his presence can be felt across the seas and his love can reach the other side of the world. This prince truly is an inspiring and special being. The Modern Prince of Persia.
The wonderful Prince of Persia who touches everybody's life and without him, life would be life minus life...
by princefan123321 June 12, 2010