To go smoke weed with your friends, the term is used in public to not use the words smoke or weed.
Kade: hey bro let's move the couch.
Aaron: yeah moving the couch is a must today.
by Cojack55 December 28, 2014
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When two people are having anal sex, but beforehand the receiver drops a huge deuce, and afterward the deuce is put back in.
Q: Hey, heard you and Mary were moving the couch last night
A: Yeah, but she'd eaten at Panda Express earlier so we had to use the pastry bag to get it back in the door.
by Dr. Orpheus July 15, 2009
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Yet another phrase for taking a bowel movement. Along the same lines as the phrase "Dropping the kids off at the pool."
Friend 1: "Hey dude, hurry up. We are going to be late for the movie."

Friend 2: "You're going to have to wait another 5 minutes bro, I have to go move the brown couch to the basement."
by sara r. August 08, 2005
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