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THE FREAKING AWESOMEIST THING EVER. WHY FACEBOOK EXISTS. On the first day, God created Mousehunt. He then said "O crap, where do I put it?" Thus the earth was born.
"I can't eat now I'm mousehunting!"
by Trevor who is called Trevor February 02, 2010
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Mousehunt is a Facebook application where you sound the hunters horn in 15 minute intervals, and rid Gnawnia of the mouse plague.
Josh: Dude, know any good games where I don't need to be too active if I don't want to be? And I don't want to have to invite a bunch of friends either.

Max: Yeah! Try Mousehunt! It's awesome!
by Radioactive Gold mouse September 16, 2009
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Seemingly ridiculous task that eats up a lot of time without much benefit.
I have spent the entire morning on a mousehunt for this information; now my client doesn't need it.
by atlgadgetgrrl January 06, 2011
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