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Mouschi is the name of Peter's cat in The Play of The Diary of Anne Frank.
Why would Mr Van Daan hate little Mouschi? It's such a dear thing!
by Kiryne June 03, 2016
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A cute animal, especially a cat.

As a noun it would be 'mousch'
That cat is so mouschi.

Your baby is such a mousch.
by Mick! June 06, 2007
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He is Peter's cat from the diary of Anne Frank. Mouschi the cat. He is an amazing cat. Mouschie was much loved much by his beloved servant Peter. Mouschi is the most godly god to walk this Earth and universe. Mouschi kmew he could destroy the world but he did not for the love of him cherished his life through immortality. Even though his spirit is gone he spirit ans soul lives in the heart of every cat and citizen. We all loved Mouschi, even though Mr. Van Daan hated him he did not kill him or the obliterate the universe knowing his future worshippers needed to live on. All believers of Mouschi Jesus shall live in immortality and eternal glory.
I bow down and scream 7 "Hail Mouschi"s at the toothpaste bottle.
by Opia Sapphire February 05, 2018
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