A great thing to inject into your bloodstream.
- anonymous coach
by The Blonde Boi February 6, 2018
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an exceptionally dark beer or ale, usually drunk by men who need an extra kick at Happy Hour
Jonny said to Eric, "What are you drinking there - motor oil?"
by MaryPoppins December 29, 2007
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An exceptionally thick and bitter coffee enjoyed by military personnel all over the world. Usually brewed from the cheapest coffee in the dirtiest pot available.
Bill: "Hey Joe, you have the watch tonight get some sleep.".

Joe: "Nah, I'm good, got some of Cheifs Motor Oil to keep me runnin."
by TChaser November 9, 2016
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Intellectual: Dude I just used the greatest lube ever
Dumbass: What was it?
Intellectual: Motor Oil
Dumbass: Get The Fuck Away From Me
by BigNig666 May 21, 2018
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Created when holding a mouthful of oil and motorboating
Gotta go make some motor oil with that Big titty girl over there.
by Catelyth August 2, 2020
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