Something that is more than most. More than mostest, too (because apparently that's in some dictionaries).
Maddy: I love you, Hannah.
Hannah: I love you too!
Maddy: I love you more!
Hannah: But, I love you most...
Maddy: I love you mostest, though.
by iseethehorizon December 6, 2013
1. The maximum amount a person can be loved.
2. A greater amount than mostestest.
Stas - "I love you the mostestest"
Lizzy - "Well I love you the mostestestest"
Stas - "I surrender. There is nothing else I can say that will trump that."
by Themostcorrectpersonever April 21, 2016
When a determiner that is larger than ‘most’ and ‘mostest’ and mostestest’ is required to reference a noun to the fullest extent and/or with fullest and realest affection.
rudy: I love you most
saffron: I love you mostest
rudy: I love you mostestest
saffron: but I love you mostestestest.
by miaowow March 11, 2018
the addition of the suffix -est to such words as "most" can place more emphasis on the word it self. The addition of -est can be done so infinitely if one chooses, and will amplify the meaning of the word. the use of ever may be added on at the end to amplify the meaning even more.
Becky says she likes orange soda mostest but I like orange soda mostestestest
by olgest December 30, 2010
Made out of pure spite to prove that you love someone more
I love you more
I love you most!”
Well I love you mostestestest“
by Phredq June 15, 2022
To love someone more than the mostestest and anything in the whole universe. Nothing comes close to the amount of love you have for them
by Youngdrills August 23, 2019
The only word great than mostestest
And is only greater when farai says it to Express how much he loves kahlia. any other way the word has no meaning.