Mosk (ma-sk) - Originating in Ohio, mosk is commonly used by stoners to describe a ridiculously hard hit or drag that produces an incredible amount of smoke when exhaled. This is preformed by inhaling rapidly and filling the lungs to their maximum capacity.
"She just mosked this bowl."

"Mosk this and your down for the count."

"This guy's mosking like a fog machine."
by LakSom March 10, 2010
Jesse and Cole are the biggest Mosks in the world
by JesseandColeareMosks January 23, 2012
Mosk is a word describing an ugly looking chick
Dude, that chick is mosk! She's mosky bro!!
by PC SHea April 23, 2010
"Yo B. Lez go bench at Mosk Crib in bel-air square."
by Curtis Kay March 24, 2005
Name for a man so sexy that no woman can resist him charm.
Oh my God,that guy is so sexy.
Oh my God yes, he's Moske.
by Moske September 30, 2019