Someone who is even more of a moron than your average moron.
He's such a moreon, he didn't even realize that you had to send for the text to go.
by CrunchM October 19, 2010
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How a moron spells moron.
That moron called me moreon. What a moron!
by El Mighty Cornholio December 11, 2017
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A term of jealousy at someone who has more cool things going on, especially of a sexual nature.
-Your're a moreon.
-Deal with it.
by felixh June 3, 2016
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What you actually said ("more on"), but the nearby "moron" wif a chip on his shoulder wasn't listening/thinking properly.
You: This truck isn't filled with as much wood as it can safely carry --- we can add some moreon.
"Touchy" idiot who's assisting you to load firewood: Hey! Who you callin' a MORON?!??
by QuacksO August 18, 2018
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