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When one has backwards morals or has no conscience. One who is morally retarded will likely believe things that are completely immoral are justifiable.
Student: I think lying is good under all circumstances.
Teacher: You are morally retarded.
by The real El Guapo November 29, 2010
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Someone who thinks two wrongs make a right. Moral retards are prone to making bad decisions and do not consider how their actions might affect other people. They prefer being friends with other moral retards that will assist them in their morally retarded acts. Most delight in devising cruel and unusual ways to impress their "M.R" friends by doing ignorant, senseless things to those that aren't morally retarded.
M.R: I am morally retarded and if I don't like you I will go out of my way to prove it.

Non M.R. : You do not have to prove you don't like me.
by BaconMastert September 19, 2016
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