To put someone, or something, to complete shame, or humiliation, and to better it in every capacity; to utterly outdo, outperform or outwit. The phrase is used to conjure sentiments of shaming to the point of using that thing for the lowly task of mopping the floor with. Generally used in past, or more rarely, future or prospective tense.
1. Peyton Manning just mopped the floor with Tom Brady.

2. That kid just mopped the floor of that Pogs tournament!

3. Gandalf would totally mop the floor with Harry Potter.
by Bloodknight November 22, 2010
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when some one in a fight gets grabbed by the hair and dragged on the floor
Yeah she was talking shit so ima mop the floor with that bitch when i see her!
by Tuchxy February 12, 2020
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After a girl has given a guy a bulimic job, she then eats up the throw-up she just regurgitated off of his genitals. Bulimic job and mop the floor can continue for several rounds.
Christina: oh my god, I love being bulimic.
Josh: That's wonderful baby, now can you mop the floor?
by Thrice001 April 10, 2008
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When you put your girl on top of the kitchen counter and perform oral sex and she squirts all over the floor. And that is the reason you have to mop the floor.
by mark twains hardballz August 22, 2009
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The act of getting so low on the dance floor with a level of skill, giving the aesthetic illusion that you are shinning the floor with your butt cheeks.
Larry, the rachet girl started mopping the floor when asked to twerk to "Pop That...(Don't Stop)" last week at Soph Hop.
by Jrizzzza January 28, 2014
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Did you hear Ron last night? He must have been mopping the floor.
by cshp_pm May 15, 2019
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A line said by Karen in the first Spongebob movie. Great for making fun of people who rage
Guy 2:Don’t get worked up again Plankton I just mopped the floors
by PPSLAYER611 July 17, 2018
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