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The sexual act when a woman is giving a man a blowjob, and she attempts to deep throat, but when she does, she vomits onto his penis while it is in her mouth. In her distress, she tries to pull away, but the man forces her to continue the blowjob, and he reaches his climax. As he reaches his climax, he pulls his penis out of her mouth(bucket) and releases his sperm into her hair(mop).
"If that chick vomits on my penis, then I'll have to give her the mop and bucket!"
by Christhan. July 15, 2008
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refers to a woman who is pretty much hell downstairs. Mop refers to the unattractive amount of pubic hair & bucket refers to her having a huge vagina. pretty much any guys hell.
Jcon: 'dude, did you fuck her last night?'

RoadKill: 'nah man, i went down south and...'

Jcon: 'And what?'

RoadKill: 'worst Mop and Bucket I've ever seen. I grabbed my coat, ran and never looked back'

Jcon: 'LOL'
by Road.Kill April 17, 2010
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