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Chillin' with a flat spliff in the dark alleys of Ottawa. The word is derived by the distinct Northern Canadian Moose's tendancies to hide in dark places, example, a canopy of thick, evergreen Canadian Pine trees.
"Maybe later I'll go moosin' with the lads after work."
by Harry P. March 10, 2007
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When someone has done yayo/cocaine and is high out their minds then Bruce the Moose is officially on the loose and they're moosin. They're amped, pumped up, moosin hardcore- wicked happy and talking fast, talking much, moving much, bouncing much, jumpy much, dancing much, and having a great effing time actin a fool.
"Cocaine is a hell of a drug... a hell of a drug that gets you moosin kids."
by CDee June 22, 2012
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1. Out here on the plains buffalo are still called bison, so when they cross with moose they are called Moosin which is not unlike the muffalo found in Western Minnesota.

2. Any non-stereotypical cross between animals or events.
Don't shoot the moosin; it is an endangered species.

They have been moosin around since high school.
by Cliff Clavin - Cheers March 27, 2008
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