Moonrocks caviar is arguably the strongest form of cannabis on the market. It’s a nugget of marijuana bud dipped in hash oil and kief. Final product carries approximately a 50% THC rating.
Yo, I just smoked these Moonrocks for 420.... I feel like I'm space walking.
by Khid2Dubb November 30, 2016
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A combination of Molly and Amphetamines. Moonrocks are Molly (MDMA) cut with multiple amphetamines to improve the high. Moonrocks usually come in crystal or rock form, and are crushed and snorted. Moonrocks are sold as points, similar to Molly.
"Have you seen my friend Molly?"

"Nah, but I've got some moonrocks we can snort at the party."
by byRoyalty October 27, 2013
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A combination of crack and heroin, usually smoked. Usually low quality, black tar heroin. Sometimes crack is crushed and injected with heroin, also a moonrock.
Moonrocks are a poorer, less-intelligent man's speedball.
by Casey L. Jones July 05, 2006
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The little pieces of shit stuck on your ass when you don't wipe it clean enough. While walking it tends to scrape your ass and causing enormous physical pain.
This morning I took at shit and didn't wipe my ass, I have "MoonRocks".
by Timothydouchebag July 02, 2009
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