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Moon Dust is a slang term for the chemical JWH-018 which has similar effects to weed but only requires an active dose of 1-3mg.
Dang what was in that bowl we just smoked? Moon Dust yo! Damn Moon Dust is fucking off the hook I thought it was some epic form of kief.
by Czar_Coaster October 30, 2009
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The slang term for the powder of a crushed lortab, meant for recreational use (typically insufflation or mixing into an oral syringe).
Dylan: "Want me to crush the tabs for lines?"

Katie: "Nah boo, I've already got the moondust made."
by Arienette Lynn February 26, 2009
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a type of heroin that is very prevalent in north philadelphia and surrounding areas. it used to be stamped 'the best'.
me: i like my moon dust because it's never cut with shit that makes you sick. well, at least not yet.
you: i know! you don't want to end up like black betty and vomiting your organs out accompanied by a trip to the ICU.
me: word.
by tuesday loves you May 30, 2010
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