A variety of winter style boots that were popular in the 70's and 80's. Consisting of a heavy cushioned area that is intergarated with a large sole. When in gray or white color they especially resemble the moon boots of early astronauts when first stepping to the moon surface.
When were are having a burn barrel Jimmy loves to wear the moon boots, however they will become soft as sh*t if you get them too close to the cherry red barrel.
by Burg-Dogg June 30, 2004
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Moon Boot - a boot invented in 1971 by a company in Italy called Tecnica. Often imitated, the original has not changed since it's inception. The trademark "Moon Boot" is owned by the Tecnica company. While there are many copies, only the original has the lightweight, marshmallow feel. The original design and construction were patented but that patent expired in 1996, but yet no one has been able to copy the original.
"damn . . . don't you look swweeeettt in those rockin' moonboot.
by Bootie McBootstein July 06, 2006
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A boot invented by Tecnica in the early 1970's that resembled those used on the Apollo 11 Moon landing.

Though often imitated, the original Moon Boot is the only one that will carry the name Moon Boot as Tecnica owns the trademark.

Knock-offs are everywhere - keep it real.
Those Moon Boots give you mad flavor.
by Betty Skis August 16, 2006
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A Welsh Adjective. Used to describe a thing that is utterly fantastic and brilliant, partly due to an endearing flaw or quirk.
Person 1: Wow! That shirt is Moon Boots.
Person 2: Totally.
by FishHuman July 29, 2013
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US Military slag for the Marine Corps' Desert Combat Boot.

Standard issue military boots for military desert cammo uniform, issued to Army and Navy personnel.

Term is used in a documentary called "Ears open, Eyeballs Click" about Marine Corps basic training.
"You are all issued two pairs of moon boots, don't lose them!"

"Fuck! Iam so screwed, I lost my left moon boot!
Marine Basic training (boot camp)
by doughboymarine November 01, 2011
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