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A small area in North Carolina. No, not at the beach. It's among the beautiful mountains. A conference where youth groups from all over come together for one week. Some favorites in Montreat:
-A creek you can rock-hop in which feeds into Lake Susan
-A manmade waterfall you're welcome to sit on, or if you're ADVENTUROUS enough, climb underneath!
-Huckleberry's Ice Cream
-The General Store
-The Montreat Conference Center
-The Inn
-The 'clubs' program for kids younger than high school
-Climbing Lookout Mountain to watch the sun rise

Youth groups look forward to that one week in June when they travel to Montreat all year.
Some youth groups have long 8 hour bus rides, some only drive for a few hours, and some actually come from the Carolinas, driving 45 minutes max.
"Hey, Morgan! Are you going to Montreat this year?"
"Yeah, Brynn! I can't wait! Only a few more weeks left!"
"Do you know which house we're staying in?"
"I don't know yet, ask Adam."
"I hope Hallie is coming."
"Richard told me that Hallie and Ben are both coming."
"The more the merrier! I'm saving my money for a trip to The General Store. My Montreat sweatshirt is getting too small for me and I want to have one for the rest of my life."
"Is Emily coming?"
"Emily always comes."
by HarveyBrowneYouth May 28, 2012
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A small, liberal arts recluse full of Outdoor Education majors...and then everyone else.
Do you even Montreat?
I would go to Montreat, but I'm not O.E.
by tamumusic April 07, 2015
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