The communal act of rough...wild...passionate...primatial fornication. Usually accompanied with various vocal tones and frantic leg hmuping usually seen and heard from orangutans. It is also customary to wear "PLanet of the Apes" costumes in order to successfully portray monkey sex.
Dude, I was SO stoned, that I actually agreed to have monkey sex with this hot chick. *shameless expression* It was nice. ;)
by Neo2129 June 20, 2003
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see "monkeylove"; primitive, animalistic, jungle-like lovemaking
we made sweet monekylove
by MNO September 2, 2004
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the spontaneous and uncontrolled display of unashamed public fornication.
"Just after we met we were so attracted to each other that we just ripped off our clothes and had Wild Monkey Sex!"
by Earnest Dupree January 19, 2008
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