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A nickname for the roller of a 'joint' made with resin, who has burnt and crumbled the brown resin and left stains on their fingers.
''Hey, Rhys has just rolled that joint, now he's got monkey fingers!''
by MD Geist February 12, 2009
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When one wipes one's own ass and accidentally pokes finger through the toilet paper. Thus, the finger touches the poop causing a monkey finger.
Dude, I was wiping my ass and it went through the toilet paper. I got poop on my finger. monkey finger!!!
by Mckenneymc January 23, 2013
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That digit which, having been withdrawn from an anus, is now dry and whose owner is inclined to sniff repeatedly and contentedly along the length of it.
"He got monkey finger" - from Come Together by the Beatles.
by raped ape February 06, 2005
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the appearance that your hand(specifically the index and middle fingers) has when scrunching together when you're fingering a the appearance of a claw almost...or monkey fingers
Mike: I went out with this girl last night...
John: Did you give her the monkey fingers?
by Pembrokian Monkeystomper February 08, 2010
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The affliction affecting people, usually small children, causing them to play with or pry apart things they shouldn't.
"Get you Monkey Fingers off my BoomBox! You are going to break it!!!!!"
by HokuspokusIiI February 27, 2009
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Shoving your finger up somones anus with clothes on to grose them out.
Harley gave me and Jose a monkey finger today on the trampoline, it had me thinking if hes gay or not.
by fatyfatjohn February 14, 2011
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