Getting your next relationship set up before dumping your current S/O. Generally involves cheating (at least emotionally) on your current partner with the intended future partner. Refers to playing on the monkeybars, where you don't let go of the first bar until you've grabbed on the second.
Bill: "Well, your brother just sent the Save The Dates for his third marriage - they haven't even finalized the divorce yet!"

Joe: "Yeah, the monkey branching SOB did the same for his second marriage as well - all his relationships 'overlap,' if ya know what I mean."


Joe: "Sue and I decided to try an open relationship."

Bill: "I dunno, sounds like she's monkey branching to her *next* relationship."
by Mai Ainsel March 26, 2022
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when a girl already has a boyfriend but she gives her number to guys that she meets and flirts as if she were single. she's basically branching off from her boyfriend and establishing backups.
yo dude I saw your girl at starbucks giving her number to some guy. I don't think she saw me. it looks like she's monkey branching, you should dump her.
by soulblk4000 December 1, 2010
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Not letting go of one thing before you seek or reach for another thing. It usually applies to relationships but some people do it at the dinner table and some do it when they think their means of income is insecure.

...Keeping in mind this is part of how monkeys survive...
Since polyamoury is not officially recognized and since people do the bare minimum for even themselves, I gueas thise of us who want a whole or interesting relationship are left to do some Monkey Branching to see if the next relationship contestant is more of a winner
by T3CHN0F03B October 13, 2022
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A component of female nature where a female who currently has a significant other establishes a emotional and physical relationship with a male of higher status unbeknownst to her current mate. Then leaving the current mate for the for the new male. Thus resetting the cycle.
Male #1: Wow Im surprised, my girlfriend of 2 years broke up with me and she already is in a new relationship 1 week later with the guy she told me not to worry about?!
Male #2: Sorry to tell you bro but she monkey branched. She was already "his girl" long before she ever broke up with you. She ended your relationship once that other guy was ready. She will do the same thing to her new boyfriends once another male of even higher status shows her interest.
by MastaMint February 10, 2021
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