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A shitty name I came up with a few years ago for xbox live, and that I use as a nickname for a bunch of junk. A mongatard is most definitely a mongaloid and a retard mashed up together. Who the hell put this in urban dictionary, it's my word damn it!
by Justin1891 January 02, 2007
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a mixture of a mong and a retard
basicaly a complete idiot who is so stupid it hurts to think about it.
such activites carried out by a mongatard include:

-gouging ones own chin with a plastic fork durring an attempt to cause GBH to someone else...
-breaking everything that comes in contact with them, they're not allowed near nice or expensive things
-asking the cost of something in a 99p store...
-spitting gum out of their mouth whilst trying to blow a bubble with it...

"Hannah you skin boat!!! you such a freaking mongatard!!!"
by jenaroo May 31, 2007
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Adj. A combination of Monga and Retard combined. Essentially a person of a lower life form who is so inept at things in general that they have an IQ lower than a Meadow Muffin.

Einstein is so incapable of doing anything correctly, that I now give him the title of Mongatard!!

That person is so stupid, he should be called a Mongatard!!

Mike likes it when I call Einstein a Mongatard!
by inept technician September 15, 2006
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