A name which refers to the genatalia of a part Hispanic, part African male.
Person 1: Hey essy, nice Mombo.

Person 2: Thanks. I'm black and Hispanic.
by Twinkies Are Delicious August 22, 2011
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Did you see the stripper clothes that Mombo was wearing in the carpool line?
by Merritt Patterson April 10, 2008
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When someone over 18 has sex with a minor
damn me and that chick sick boned!
Dude shes 17.
thats why we did the forbidden mombo!
by Chris "mombo" January 30, 2008
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kid 1: dude what did you two do last night?
kid 2: we did the horizontal mombo for about 2 hours
by jonnable June 12, 2003
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When the vagina tries to break free from the body.
The doctor told me that the best way to avoid the vaginal mombo is to take horse hormone pills.
by Mr Evil Betty March 27, 2004
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If your list of women you've slept with includes a Monica, an Erica, a Rita, a Tina, a Sandra, a Mary, and a Jessica, then you are officially a man whore.
Fuck... I had sex with a Rita last night. That means I did a whole mombo #5... Fuck... Time to get checked.
by Elliot.Sven.Masson February 16, 2016
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