The unit measurement of an individual’s ability to grasp highly sophisticated and esoteric subject matter. Literally: "ton of mols ie great amount of molecular mass".
“She just figured out the physics of a wormhole using an abacus. Her mind must contain like a million moltons.” Or: “That guy can’t find his ass with both hands. Must have a completely molton-free brain.”
by TheVivisector October 29, 2014
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Something that is hot.
The new Pendulum album is Molton.
That girl is fucking molton.
by TheOrbit August 15, 2005
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An act of when a situation far goes bullshit, or when bullshit is taken to another level
My mom pulled some molton shit when she turned my phone off.

My teacher was on that molton shit when she called my house.

That is some serious molton shit!!!!
by westly pipes June 22, 2011
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Origin Regent St soap emporium. A better class of lotion lady, as opposed to a Tesco Value or No Frills
I heard that that Scary Spice is a bit of the old Molton Brown. Phwoooaaar.
by Van Baggins November 17, 2004
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