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To totally and utterly kick some ones ass!
Man 1: *Throws up gang sign*

Man 2: Boy you is finna get Molly Whopped up in this bitch!
by Poop Stainz June 05, 2003
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When you want to fight someone,, or describe what you are going to do to them in the fight.
That beezy was talking mess, she is going to get mollywhopped.
by MilesInferno April 08, 2008
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to keep it straight Gangsta with it and deck someone
Jermaine O' Neal staight Molly Whopped that one Pistons fan last night. That was November 19th.
by The Leprechaun November 20, 2004
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5 get knocked out
1.Noval's mom was hella sexy so I mollywhopped her pussy.
2.Angel mollywhopped Andreas and he didn't recover for hours.
by John Hungwell May 09, 2005
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When an individual takes a substantial quantity of the drug substance known as 'Molly' and is convinced they have been incarnated to a Burger King Whopper.
That Molly got people thinking they Whoppers..I guess they really did get it their way now he is MollyWhopped for life
by DKJ1992 June 03, 2018
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