When an individual takes a substantial quantity of the drug substance known as 'Molly' and is convinced they have been incarnated to a Burger King Whopper.
That Molly got people thinking they Whoppers..I guess they really did get it their way now he is MollyWhopped for life
by DKJ1992 June 12, 2018
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The act of Pulling ones shirt over there head and beating them in the face. Usually accomplished by punching one in the Nuts (see Nads) or belly.
DAMN FOO.... It was all over when you MOLLY WHOPPED that mo fucka.
by todayistheday July 19, 2008
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A non beneficial conclusion. The act of being beaten badly. As in sports, fights, or competitions of any type. An intentional sabotage. The act of striking someone in the top of the head with an open palm. In sportsA blow out. Being shortchanged by someone in a vulgar and colloquial manner.
by Mr. Charles Monroe January 11, 2019
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