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Mojo Dojo is a figure of speech used in reference to a man or woman experiencing something that increases their ability to attract and satisfy sexual partners.
After the break-up with Stacy I felt as though I lost my way with the ladies. Hooking up with Cindy got me back in the game. She was my sensei at the mojo dojo.
by Kenny Canstacker February 04, 2011
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The Mojo Dojo is the post-modern equivalent of the Oracle of Delphi for otherwise emasculated aspiring Alpha Males seeking to acquire zen status amongst the fairer sex. Located within the catacombs of an old London meat market, where it is said that Barry White once performed a number of underground gigs in the halcyon days of free love, access to the Mojo Dojo conveys upon its initiates the secret of easy charm and irresistible sexual potency. The collective scripture of the Mojo Dojo is referred to informally as the Commandments of Egan, in homage to the semi-mythical founder of the movement.
Rob:"Damn, I'm feeling like such a limp beta male these days, I have absolutely no chat and struggle to impress the ladies simply by shamelessly displaying my high-powered tailoring like an egotistical power crazed peacock"

Clive: "Get yourself down to the Mojo Dojo lad, I hear that one session there and women will be immediately fawning at your impressive command of the ten Commandments of Egan"
by Donkosaurus March 27, 2014
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