Moji is a cat that formed a cult in a town in the Uk.
Long live Moji.
by Protogen_WIm July 29, 2020
That was just Moji
by Vibes.Just November 20, 2021
A name to call your friend who is very cute . However, they need to have chubby check.
Mommy loves you Moji !
by waterjelly February 6, 2020
A nickname or a short name of iranian person that a name is MojTabA
It usually used that when you are intimate with mojtaba.
1.Hey moji..! How are you ,dude?
2. Moji..? Please help me , i have a big problem.
3. Moji is so kind and cute , i like him.
4. Where is moji..? Umm.. i think he's comming. Don't worry..!
by Mr. 741 July 20, 2020
A word you use to describe something that’s indescribable.

McKayla: Hey look at that boy!!
Jade: Omg he’s so so so-
Tayla: So moji!!!
by moji gurl December 13, 2020
A common reduction of emoji (a small digital image or icon used to express an idea, emotion, etc., in electronic communication).
I need a moji of a deer caught in the headlights. How come there's no taco moji? Good moji pic.
by eigenmelody June 13, 2015
noun (abstract)

a state of emotional agreement to being a lovelorn regardless of the outcome, mostly due to personal helplessness
‘at this point in my life, i can affirm i i’ve been in a stable state of mojis. what will be will be’
by konno_donnoi July 17, 2022