The Literal meaning of the word is " to commadeer ones heart " it is an amalgamation of 2 words of sanskrit Moh and Hit where, Moh is feeling of great affection and Hit stands for the heart, it has many inferences drawn.
since it is Hindi
Ussne uss ladki ko apne aacharan se mohit kar liya
by Mohit_V June 28, 2016
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an Alpha male with a lot of qualities and talents. He won't always be on time, and is also interested in less number of things but the things he's interested in are one of the best. He is usually charming. He gives respect only to the ones who deserves it, he won't give respect to a cheap person. Mohit is usually different from others in a lot of ways. Mohit, mostly won't watch TV because he is busy with work and being active with the people he loves, he does it sometimes but still not too often. We can say that Mohit is a gentleman.

person : a charming and a tuff guy, who's always slow at eating, guess who's he.
person 2 : obviously, Mohit.
by lucifer77766 June 2, 2019
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Totally extremely lovable and loving. One who is kind, caring and is a genuine lover. Very passionate and romantic and emotional too! Best lover in the world.
He is a real 'Mohit' - the most loving and caring guy ever!
by kay-X February 4, 2010
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Charismatic, Inspiring,Caring,Rules peoples heart with Good attitude
his name really suits to his qualities....Like Mohit has the qualities like the meaning of his name "MOHIT"
by pseudonomos September 9, 2020
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The topper guy and even with good knowledge of movies.
The one who's growing famous day by day .
The hottest guy in the group, who will get a girl whose name will start from S.
The one who's always surrounded by hot girls.
Guy- see there is coming mohit surrounded by girls.
Gf- He is like so hot na
Guy-bt u r my gf so stop..
Gf- bye.
by Tekina January 9, 2018
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Person worshipped in Pioneer Charter School of Science. People who follow his teachings made a group called "Mohit Gang"
If you see him take a picture
Hey did you see Mohit
by David Mohit November 2, 2018
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It is a Sanskrit word that means 'infatuated or charmed'.
by Cookieawsome August 13, 2021
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