Marianne she is famous for her hair s he likes social media and her eyes are hazel and her hair is curly brown she is so cute she has 95 kids on tiktok aka followers
by Me cyoot December 06, 2020
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A short Egyptian kid who tries really hard to get friends. He thinks he is cool but he's actually pretty gay.
Mohammad Yusuf Khan: Yo whats up takreemsupre-

by Kash money man February 28, 2021
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Syed Mohammad Rafid Ali Qadri's fate is bound to be with Eric, who he describes as a shy guy. But under all that shyness, he's got an amazing personality. He's sweet, funny, and makes you feel special. Always fun to talk to and knows how to make your day. His smile is to-die-for and you'll probably get lost in his eyes. Eric. Even the name is cute. If you've got an Eric in your life, he's a keeper, and totally not worth losing. He might have some flaws and makes mistakes, but he's still worth it all.
"Eric please marry me" -Syed Mohammad Rafid Ali Qadri'
by Sheeesj June 28, 2021
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He is a man who will slay all of human in dis word. He is king of all living things. One day he will destroy all the universe. Noone can fight him. He only have 1 weaknest. His weakness is NIPPLES
Mohammad Harambe McTrumphitler With Some Putin And Kim Jong Un
by Me nem yis jeff October 17, 2017
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An action of which you are forced to do based on a previously silly choice.
Oh no, I've got to collect my friends hoodie from the roof of a container. I should not have given it to that large Pigeon.

I'm such a Lil' Mohammad
by Wize Old Oak June 21, 2018
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The emotion an immigrant has when he sees a cute sweedish girl after he just illegally came into the country.
Nothing like Giving her the mohammad 72 virgins at a time
by hamtsweener October 26, 2020
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A man who has a big heart especially for women. He thinks no girl will ever love him. Even though he struggles in life he believes that he will one day be successful with the help of god. He wishes to get married to a beautiful girl he has his mind on all day. Amaan is mentally a strong person who combats a lot of sadness. He wish to be an athlete so that he accomplishes his dreams. He wants to set an example that you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it.
If you are struggling in life just remember to believe. Amaan Mohammad was a kid who always believed in himself and made his dreams possible. Be like Amaan Mohammad
by Derrickroseballer2018 September 09, 2020
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