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An Egyptian Girl who thinks she's tough but actually she's very soft!

Usually she has some big ass juggs!
Damn Amany Ya Chest is Huge!
by Yuuuuup! February 08, 2010
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a name for an extremely sexy, pretty and amazing female who knows how to have fun. usually girls with this name are super cute and are most likely short with a pretty face.
i want to spend a lot of time with Amany!
by September 10, 2016
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an all around cool girl. everyone should be friends with an Amany. she’s super chill and can make you laugh by doing anything. she’s funny, very caring and humble.
“I wish i was friends with someone super nice that can make me laugh.”
“Oh my god! you need to meet my friend Amany, she’s exactly what you’re looking for!”
by tropicsxxx July 04, 2018
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