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A whorish mother or a mother that is grotesquely fat.
If your mom is so fat that she makes crop circles when she sits down at the beach, or if the sun burns out before she finishes her full body tan, your mom is a mogren.
by Coug September 07, 2006
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noun: A person of small stature who is more prone to threaten or heckle person(s) of bigger physical stature over the internet via chat rooms, forums, etc; however, in face-to-face circumstances, this person would get his ass handed to him.

adjective: Being cocky and egotistical, but not being able to back it up.
Noun: This nerd is actually threatening to kick my ass over the internet. I'd donkey punch this Mogren right in the noggin!

Adjective: I'm really getting sick of this pubescent 11 year old's mogren attitude and empty threats.
by Jujujujubees December 04, 2006
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