A moby huge is a 3 ft tall dildo.
"Can I fit a moby huge in my ass?"

"It fit in mine."
by anthony's fake laugh February 13, 2018
Person 1: hey google, what is the origin story of goatse?
Google: the monster named Goatse was created when a once normal human put a moby huge dildo in his butt then pulled it out and took a picture.
Person: this pit of knowledge must be sealed.
by GodzillaPlayerz August 26, 2021
a 6-foot dildo that is owned by Moist Cr1TiKaL
nigga 1: I sat on a Moby Huge
nigga 2: Bih you good?
nigga 1: yeah cuh it felt great
by Sus Nibba January 24, 2021
A master cock named Moby that is 3 feet tall. Super dildo will fuck you up badly. Comes in black and white. PVC material and is perfect for the stiffness needed when pounding such an intimidating specimen of cock.
Random E-girl: Hey Chat can you guys buy me the Moby Huge? Im tryna destroy my pussy.
Chat: Here take my money and I want to see your pussy get destroyed on onlyfans.
Random E-girl: THANK YOU SO MUCH CHAT! I'll masturbate in the hot tub right now.
by MMS (Milk Me Silly) April 11, 2021
A big ass dildo
(3 feet long)
How am i going to fit that Moby Huge up my vag??
by TheOnlyHandle December 30, 2016
A really highly impractical big ass dildo that can't fit in any normal humans ass or whatever the fuck part you put a dildo in
The moby huge is a 3-foot dildo which is a really highly impractical size no normal human can fit a Moby huge in whatever part that you use a dildo on
by ಠ_ರೃ 1997 February 25, 2018