A word used when somthing is just fuking GREAT! better than anything you can think off
"Shit this Savlo is the fuking Koots"

"Ohh yeh fuking look at his air tracks there the koots"
by VisOne March 28, 2003
1. A abnormally tall woman who is seldom seen without high heels, and has a proclivity for obnoxiously lengthy Instagram hashtags regarding her children.
2. Something that is amazing that must be proclaimed to the entire world.
1. “Did you see her? She’s such a koot!”
2. “This is the koot!”
by peanutbutterboss55 October 29, 2018
Even though he's 60 years old, with his baggy pants and cap on sideways, he's not just an ordinary old coote; he's an ole koote.
by wfredhart November 7, 2008
A word for someone soooo cute and amazing that you share your love through one word instead of three
I love my baby Koot Koot Koot 🎤
by Bibby81892 September 10, 2016
The Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada. Includes the West Koots & East Koots.
Totally stoked; found a ride share up to the Koots tomorrow for some skiing paradise!! (says coastal ski-bum stuck on the coast)
by marutimaruti September 14, 2017
a word to describe something cute.
it sounds better then cute to. :D
awhh look that babys so koot.
by Joe :DDDD September 5, 2010
koot can literally be used to replace any word
"what a handsome young koot"
" what the koot"
by matthew's big bitch December 24, 2020