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The Apps With The Most Random Mobile Phone Ads are:
Lords Mobile
Mafia City
The list goes on and on
Now you’ve seen everything
by OninIsNotSomebody January 22, 2019
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If you're that parent who let their kids watch toy channels for almost a day, two words: you suck
by OninIsNotSomebody January 28, 2019
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Rockstar's most anticipated game whose hype train needed improvement
Heck, GTA 6 was so anticipated and rumored, A kid named SonyMouse made a fake trailer in order to get fresh views from it, and a hacker ( in order to leak info to the public ) MADE A COMPLETE FAKE BETA! ( If you don't know, it's malware and If YOU'RE ONE OF THE MOST GULLIBLE KIDS IN THE WORLD, I'll give you a strong advice: Don't download the fake beta IN ANY PLATFORM YOU'RE USING RIGHT NOW, because GTA 6 ( I think ) is still in development, and Rockstar's game engine, The R.A.G.E doesn't work IN PHONES! And chances are, you're gonna get bullied )
by OninIsNotSomebody January 29, 2019
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The two main weapons for a clickbait machine who wants five things: Fame, Viewers, Subscribers, Hater Ignorance, and most importantly: Wealth
for the guys out there who says ''FUCK THE GUIDELINES! I'VE MY OWN!'', wants the fame bigger than pewds', and the wealth BIGGER than Bill Gates', I PRESENT TO YOU: THE ARROWS AND CIRCLES OF YOUTUBE!

Side Note: If you like this, you hate clickbait, And If you hate this, you’re a dumbass noob
by OninIsNotSomebody January 22, 2019
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UAE’s cringy 3am challenger and fake money flexer
If you hate this definition in N&A's support, you're gullible, dumb, awful, broke, and bullied much more as dipshit,
because N&A Productions suck shit hard
Two Fun Facts: His real name is Amir, really, that his full name, and he has a lil sister. That's all.
by OninIsNotSomebody January 22, 2019
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The best in the series. Whoever compose the theme song of this game is an absolute beast
Hell, even Battlefield 4 was released in the same day Call of Duty was born. Coincidence?
by OninIsNotSomebody December 20, 2018
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