An acronym for 'Motion Capture'. The term is used by hipsters who can't take the time to just say 'motion capture'.
Dolly: "Wow, the 'MoCap' in this movie is awesome!"
Weslie: "MoCap?"
Dolly: "MoCap means Motion Capture. It is a commonly used term."
Weslie: "Oh, sorry."
by James1006 January 1, 2008
Abbreviation for motion capture. Professional used word for experts who work with Motion Capturing. Mocap for 3D Animation, Biomechanics, Virtual Reality and training & simulation.
To create a virtual 3D character in that movie, they use Moven: a full-body mocap suit.
by Laurens November 13, 2006
A game on Roblox with people dance, hang out, argue, etc. Usually the age range is about 20-45 years of age. It’s the black hole of Roblox where all of the milfs and divorced dads go to find their long lost love. In a perfect world, a player would join the game, make friends, dance and have fun. But instead it’s just sad adults that date each other and even children. If you don’t have a limited item on your avatar don’t even bother trying to make buddies there. You will be swatted down with immense hatred from divorced mom and dads that pour their welfare checks into their avatar so that they can gang bang each other. So in short, if you’re looking for drama and a bad habit, this is the game for you!
Player 1: Hey Charlie, would you like to join Mocap Dancing with me? It’s so fun and there’s lots of ladies!

Player 2: Sorry Billy, I don’t want my soul sucked into a 38 year old mom. Besides..we can go and meet real women! It’s as easy as 1 2 3!
by hellobello January 21, 2022
Animations: Mocap is a dancing "game" on roblox filled to the brim with slenders and copy&pastes. Usually people come here to socialise, argue, or find another 9 year old kid to add to their collections of online boyfriends/girlfriends. Other than that its pretty much just like the other Online Dating scheme "Ragdoll Engine" minus the exploiters and pushing.

Not to be confused with the other version known as Mocap Dancing which is infested with rich 20+ yr old gamers who dress their avatars like they were ripped straight out of an MMORPG.
Player 1: Hey, wanna play Animations: Mocap?
Player 2: Nah, too boring all you do is dance on there.
by YAZMADA September 14, 2020