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1. A Goddess in human form
2. An exotic beauty with no equal
3. Someone who likes setting things on fire
- I dreamed of a total Miwa last night
- We Miwa'd the hell out of that broken down VCR
by somethingbear February 02, 2010
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something or someone that is very cool and fun. This can also mean; very interesting and amusing. It can be used in any form; verb, noun, adjective, etc.
-You are such a miwa!
-Don't try to be a miwa when you cant.
-that new mall seems to be miwarific.
by blahbleh November 24, 2005
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1. A obvious Asian girl
2. A Asian girl with no booty
3. Someone who's really nice, but who is racist to her own kind >;o
4. Someone who repeats words a lot like "Pusthy"
5. Someone who has sex with their spanish teacher.
1. Miwa: What are you eating?
Doodle: Stuff
Doodle: It's called Eggs

2. Did you see Miwa in Spanish? she totally does it with the spanish teacher.

3. Miwa: my pusthy, my pusthy, my pusthy, my pusthy.

4. Miwa's a lesbian.
by MariaColorsx3 February 03, 2009
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A person who will laugh uncontrollably until something's not funny anymore. And to her, everything's funny.
"why are you laughing so much?"
"Because I'm a Miwa"
by unknown102 April 27, 2012
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