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The girl-next door whose laugh just brightens any mood and warms your heart. A true optimist though she can get very blue when it comes to love. She truly gives her whole heart to her significant other, her family, and her friends. She is always seeking ways to help people. Sheโ€™s smart and funny, considers herself a sexy nerd, likes laughing, the outdoors, and loves animals. A wonderful cook who likes to experiment with new creations to share with friends and colleagues. She doesn't know how to cook for just two, but instead always cooks for an army. Lucky friends. She loves to dance in the rain, cozy up by a warm fire, or play in the ocean waves. Nature calms her.
You have such a Mitzie heart. You really outdid yourself with your kindness.

She was so glad that she had a Mitzie outlook on life...she could bounce back from anything.
by luvinhubby January 05, 2011
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Friend 1: Damn you see that girl over there?
Friend 2: Yea she gave my bro the herpes!
Friend 1: thanks for tellin me, I'll pass on that mitzie.
by boniva July 27, 2006
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The look you get when you pause while speaking to mentally search for the next word. Another person gives you the impatient and frustrated stupid (mitzie) look while shrugging their shoulders and bulging their eyes while cocking their head to one side.
While describing the event, I paused to use the right word and got the "mitzie."

by Holmesbody August 17, 2008
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