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The most horrible place in the world. Residing in North Carolina. Home of the most red neck fuck tards ever. The stupidest school in the world.
"Hey, did you go to Mitchell High School?"
"Uh, Fuck no thats the gayest school ever!!"
by punkass89 January 05, 2010
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Mitchell High School is located about 20 minutes south of Bedford North Lawrence, a thought it is significantly much better it is still a flea rotten, slutty douche bag oasis. The school's athletic programs are so poorly undercoached and over funded. The football team is filled with out of shape untalented twats. The basketball team cannot even comprehend the basics of dribbling or simply how to complete a layup. However every basketball player has hope's of "making the big leagues"; they most definitely will always sign your year book with their jersey number. The cheer squad might as well be a 6 month opened old can of anchovies. The baseball team is the poorest athletes to ever walk the halls. The coaches pick the starters of all teams simply on who kisses the most ass and their relation to the coach.
Bill: "Yo Steve where did you get your crotch lice?"
Steve: "I forgot to wash my hands after high fiving a girl that goes to Mitchell High School."
by Twatmuffin998818 June 03, 2018
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