A phrase used to describe a situation in which you have zero interest in or have no intention in following through with
Tom suggested to his friend Dave"let's go to a sex club" Dave responded with miss me with that idea
by Mhmmohssen March 13, 2017
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be sad because I am away from you
I asked my girlfriend,"Will you miss me if I leave?"
She said,"It's a deal."
by yorrick hunt January 25, 2008
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Basically a cleaner version of "miss me with the b.s"
P1(girl):"So i heard you was talking about me,"
P2(boy)"I aint about to fight you, bro, miss me with it ✌✌."
by mccenna_draze July 14, 2016
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When somebody says something stupid, if an ugly person asks you out, or if you almost get hit by something, you say this term.
This fool swung at me and I dodged it like Bruce Lee. I said miss me with that.
by yungT February 18, 2017
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Another way of saying “no”. Shorter version of “miss me what that bullsh*t”.
Coworker: Hey I’m supposed to be off in 5 minutes. Do you mind rolling my silverware for me?
Me: miss me
by sandrafizzle January 23, 2020
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A phrase used by a female in a romantic relationship to get a desired response from a male. Often used when the two people have not seen each other for a very short amount of time. The male in this ritual is required to respond in a positive manner, often with emphasis that may or may not be genuine.
Girl: Miss me?
Guy: (thinking to himself) I just saw her 2 hours ago.
Guy: (out loud) Of course, baby!
by JJB February 13, 2005
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