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It is the hatred for men and all things male-related.

Feminism is often used as a veil for misandrism by females with an overbearing cognitive dissonance who use it as confirmation bias to justify their loose morals behind a popular movement.
Misandrist: Hey, I fight for the equals rights between all genders!
Any male: But I've never seen you protest in defense of a man's rights
Misandrist: That's because males are in positions of privilege and don't need defending whereas women are vulnreable and at a disadvantage in this hetero-patriarchal, phallocentric society.
Any male: Isn't that just misandrism?
Misandrist: You wouldn't understand since you're a privileged male.
Any male: k.
by ATrueHeir April 19, 2018
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Misandrism is the hatred of men and all male things. Feminism is often mistaken for misandrism.
Female: Hey, I'm a feminist!
Male: Ugh, that means you're a man hater! You must be a heinous bitch.
Female: No, silly goose! A feminist believes in equal rights despite age, gender, sex, race, or any other differences! You're thinking of misandry or misandrism- the hatred of men!
Male: The more you know! Now, I am educated!
by MarcusThe October 25, 2015
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