A gorgeous girl who always has your back. When you gain her trust, that means she really loves you . She's amazing in every single way possible. She has amazing sense in style, great music tatse, and a very fun person to be with. Although mireya is short in height, her love for her friends in through the roof. Don't betray her trust. She's a strong girl who can power through anything.
Goddamn, she's so amazing. Her name must be Mireya!
by hcppyvibes February 14, 2016
A girl that says whatever she thinks when she feels like it she doesn’t care what other people think about her she mean when you first meet her but once you get to meet her she’s pretty chill
Dude That girl over there must be Mireya everyone says she mean but nice
by 👑mylifeislit February 13, 2018
A girl who comes as close to perfection as humanly possible. Her name is of Latin and Spanish origin, meaning "admired". She is loved and admired by many, and has extreme amounts of the following qualtites:

1. Sweetness
2. Loyalty
3. Honesty
4. Kindness
5. Intelligence
6. Talent
7. Humor
8. Beauty
9. Sarcasticness
10. Cleverness
11. Contagious Happiness
Dude, that girl must be named Mireya!
by musicman97 June 28, 2011
Mireya is someone you hold in high-standing. Does not demand respect, but is given it because of the aura given off. Mireya is a lover of things that are rare not the things that are considered popular. Always tapping into something deeper with meaning and substance.
We went to see a Mireya speak at a the conference and I learned so much.

When I grow up I wanna be a Mireya , I hear the classes are quite interesting.
by Margieeeeeee February 3, 2010
Someone who portrayed a deceivingly timid personality in high school but is actually a party animal at heart. Mireyas have a tendency to blossom into pre-socialites during their mid-twenties.

Most of them have nice legs, but they're notorious for running over stupid pigeons.
Person 1: What's her name?

Person 2: Mireya.

Person 1: Really?

Person 2: Yep... she's crazy. She killed my bird.

Person 1: That's mad skills... I want a piece of that!

Person 2: No, dude... she fuckin' ran over my pigeon!

Person 1: Sparky? She killed SPARKY? Oh, dude what a fuckin' %^&*. Ah, screw it, I'm still down to kick it.
by Chango Chilango March 12, 2010
Sex symbol.
A shawty.
Muff-diving expert.
I want to get a Mireya tonight.
I´m craving a Mireya.
I wish she was more like Mireya.
by Chostindia Pitos September 3, 2008